Santasia is running in LA in December

SANTASIA is a hilarious holiday musical sketch comedy show that embraces all the iconic moments of the Christmas season. The critically acclaimed seasonal sensation has run for 21 years in Los Angeles and is jam packed with a biting  blend of  yuletide snark and sentiment. 


SANTASIA’s relentless assault on your holiday funny-bone will have you hurting from laughter. Stocking stuffed with everything from dysfunctional family sketches to pieces of beautiful heartfelt sentiment, it conjures up memories of your own Christmas past. The hysterical holiday classic has been compared to the Carol Burnett Show, Kids in the Hall, In Living Color, and Saturday Night Live.


Dynamic choreography, on-point holiday parody, side splitting sketch comedy, and classic Rankin and Bass inspired Claymation movies, this multi-media Santasia is the fresh face of Vaudeville Comedy.

Santasia is a sure fire bet to get you in the holiday spirit!


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